Multicharms bracelet - Tombola collection

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MATERIALE: Brass; Resin; Pink coral
DIMENSIONE: Length min 18 cm - max 20 cm; Adjustable
Choose your tile:
A typical Neapolitan holiday game is Tombola, in which no one knows how, but the grandmother always wins!
The collection is a faithful reproduction of tradition:
-each tile corresponds to 1 number, each number has a symbol to choose, dedicate or dedicate to yourself!
Discover the meanings of the Neapolitan Tombola:
- 8: The Madonna = "Ca' a Madonna, t'accumpagn"
- 13: Sant'Antonio =
"Love is not looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction"
- 16: The ...butt =
"Life is all about ... the butt"
- 19: Laughter = "Laughing is the third most important verb after living and loving"
- 29: The father = " A father is the one who takes you on his shoulders and shows you the world "
- 42: Coffee =
"The joys of life? A cup of coffee with a friend"
- 52: Mother =
"Mom is the one who brings love into the world"
- 72 : Wonder =
"Wonder makes life worth living"

Jewelry handmade in Italy , made unique by the particular hand-cast resin workmanship.
The metal parts are made of gold galvanized brass , to be nickel free and hypoallergenic.

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